These Amazing Goldendoodles Will Make You Want Your Own


If you have been toying with the idea of adding a Goldendoodle to your family, then this post is just for you. Even though you probably have several reasons why you’re considering a Goldendoodle, you can be sure there’s still more to love when it comes to these wonderful canines. Let’s take a closer look at some doodles that are doing amazing things for their families and communities.

When it comes to the Goldendoodle personality, you’ll find that it’s one of their best traits. They’re easy to get along with and highly trainable. For that reason, they can be taught to do any number of special tasks, as the following story explains:

Meet Ben Franklin Junior High’s newest pupil: Henry the Therapy Dog

As morning rolls around on a Friday at Ben Franklin Junior High, the bell rings and the halls fill with students.

A shaggy pup, one of the latest transfers to the school, trots along making his rounds, zig-zagging to groups of students

He first stops to greet a group of students with special needs. He sits before them, giving consent for them to pet him. He moves on down the hall to students congregating at their lockers, where he receives more affection and lays down as several hands rub all through his fur.

His tail wags, but the dog remains calm, not letting any excitement get the better of him. Read more at Stevens Point Journal…

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Like we said, Goldendoodles are amazing. Their potential is even more impressive given the ways it can be channeled to do so much good for so many. This also translates to a professional settings, as the following post describes:

Meet Millie the Goldendoodle, the cutest concierge to ever grace a front desk

Hotel stays can be ruff.

Except when it comes to one Hilton hotel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where an 8-month-old miniature Goldendoodle named Millie serves as a “canine concierge” to help greet hotel guests and give a little stress relief to her fellow employees.

Millie is owned by the hotel’s human concierge, Rusty Dahler, who brings her into work Tuesday through Saturday….According to one representative from Hilton Milwaukee, “Millie has been warming the hearts of many guests and travelers, including a recent travel blogger [Jessica Hart] that stayed at the property.” Read more at Travel and Leisure…

Goldendoodles can be great office colleagues when management is smart enough to recognize and allow it. They can certainly break the monotony of a typical work day.

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So, are you still on the fence about getting a Goldendoodle? Then we need to talk about Josh, a special needs Goldendoodle who still manages to be the sunshine of everyone’s life around him:

Josh the Doodle: Special needs dog proves he’s beyond special

A rescued Goldendoodle, who lives in Arizona, is living with severe cerebellar hypoplasia and he is using this Instagram account – with over 26,000 followers – to raise awareness about the disorder.

When Andrew Hangartner and Kimberly Elliot adopted Josh last September, they had no idea just how many people his story would touch. Josh is hard to miss, even at a beach park full of dogs. He’s the goldendoodle with wild hair, a man bun and endless swagger.

“I mean, all of our dogs are happy but he’s the happiest,” said Andrew. The couple are parents to six rescue dogs.

Josh has cerebellar hypoplasia or CH. “He’s very enthusiastic about life. His body is just uncoordinated,” said Kimberly. Read more at CBS8…

As evidenced by the stories above and so many, many more, there are endless benefits when you own a Goldendoodle. If you’re ready to add one to your family, it’s vital that you go about the process the right way — which means only dealing with a trusted and reliable Goldendoodle breeder. Blue Ridge Goldendoodles is the place to go.

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